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- Facial Rashes - Acne, Rosacea and Melasma (Pigmentation)

- Eczemas, Allergies and Urticaria - Patch Testing and Skin Prick Testing

- Vulval Conditions - Lichen Sclerosus, Lichen Planus, Vaginal Discharge, Vulval Pain


GPs treat all the common skin rashes, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and urticaria, and most people never have to see a dermatologist. Reasons for seeking a private dermatological referral would be if the skin problem persists, or if you would like the opportunity to discuss the condition in more detail than is possible in a busy GP surgery or an NHS dermatology clinic. Dermatologists have specialist knowledge of common and rare skin conditions and can provide individualised treatment plans to help manage the problem.


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Facial Rashes – Acne, Rosacea and Melasma (Pigmentation)

Facial redness and rosacea can be embarrassing because of spots and flushing. Also the skin may hurt or feel tight and uncomfortable. New treatments have become available in the last few years, and nowadays more people can be helped.

Improvement in Facial Flushing in Rosacea


Melasma is a type of brown pigmentation of the skin which is more common in females. It tends to occur across the forehead, upper lip and patches on the cheeks. It often requires specialist treatments to improve the skin.

Acne is usually treated with a variety of creams, gels and oral antibiotics. More severe acne, which isn’t responding to treatment or where there are deep cysts or scars, is treated with a specialist medication such as Isotretinoin which is available on private prescription at Stafford Skincare.

Acne Scarring is a difficult problem to treat, and funding issues means that treatment is not always available on the NHS. The appearance of “Ice Pick Scars” can be helped by Subcision or Punch Excision. Wide shallow Scars may be improved by micro-needling / Dermaroller Collagen Induction Therapy. Some atrophic scars are improved with dermal fillers.

Good clinical improvement (>75%) following two Dermaroller treatments for moderate atrophic acne.

Photographs courtesy of Prof. P. Niwat.


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Eczemas, Allergies and Urticaria – Patch Testing and Skin Prick Testing

Atopic Eczema is common in babies and children, with itchy red scaling patches on the face, elbows and knees. It often gets better with age. Urticaria is a condition with very itchy hives and weals which come and go during the day.

Hand Eczema and Urticaria


Patch Testing is used to investigate whether eczema is due to an allergy resulting in contact allergic dermatitis. It’s a very simple procedure where “Patches” or strips of tape containing small discs filled with the more common chemicals are applied to the skin on the upper back. It’s a useful test for people with stubborn eczemas that are not responding to treatments, hand eczemas or unusual patterns of eczemas.

A small number of people have a food allergy which can worsen rashes, or they are allergic to household pets. Skin Prick Testing involves tiny pricks on the skin of the inner forearm which become red, raised and itchy if reacting.

Patch Testing for Contact Dermatitis. Skin Prick Testing for suspected Food or Pet Allergy


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Vulval Conditions – Lichen Sclerosus, Lichen Planus, Vaginal Discharge, Vulval Pain

Many women suffer from vulval problems, but are too embarrassed to seek help. Vulval complaints are sore, itchy and uncomfortable and can lead to a lack of intimacy in relationships.

Vulval problems can develop as part of a more widespread skin rash such as eczema or psoriasis. Vaginal discharges can be due to infections or imbalances in the pH. This can lead to Bacterial Vaginosis or an overgrowth in Lactobacillus. There are also a number of specific conditions which mainly affect the vulva such as Lichen Sclerosus, erosive Lichen Planus of the vulva, Vulval Pain Syndromes and vulval pre-cancers and/or cancers. Some of these conditions can also affect young girls.

Dr. Anne Ward is an accredited Consultant Dermatologist who has undertaken specialist training in the diagnosis and treatment of Vulval conditions. She is a member of the British Society for the Study of Vulval diseases (BSSVD). She receives referrals from General Practitioners, Consultant Gynaecologists and other Consultant Dermatologists in the West Midlands Region.


Skin Rashes Treatment Costs

£160 – Consultation fee, plus:

£180 – Patch Testing
£90 – Skin Prick Testing

Swab tests may be necessary for vulval conditions and eczema, with the fee payable to the microbiology department.


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Patient Information Leaflets

For more information on Skin Rashes – please click here to be taken to external websites.

To book an appointment for Eczema, Psorasis, Acne, Rosacea, or a Vulval problem – please contact your nearest private dermatology clinic at Cannock, Lichfield, Rowley Hospital Stafford, or Spire Little Aston Hospital Sutton Coldfield.